Tekst As Armbanden van hoge kwaliteit: Een Tastbare Herinnering

Text As High Quality Bracelets: A Tangible Memory

After saying goodbye to a loved one, there are several ways to keep the memory alive. One of the most personal ways is to wear an ** ash bracelet **. Bee Armbanden.nl we understand the value of this unique jewelry and we offer an extensive collection of high quality ash bracelets for women, men and children.

Why an Ash Bracelet?

Wearing an ash bracelet goes beyond just keeping a symbolic amount of ashes after cremation or burial. It is a personal expression of love and memory. It can have a positive impact on the grieving process, with the piece of jewelry acting as a tangible link with the deceased. Armbanden.nl offers a range that is suitable for every taste and preference.

Ash Bracelet Men

We offer specially designed bracelets for men, such as the **Stainless Steel Link Bracelet** in various colors. This modern ash bracelet has a discreet space to store a symbolic amount of ashes. Leather bracelets are also popular with men, so there is a suitable option for every style.

Ash Bracelet Ladies

Our collection for women includes the popular **freshwater pearl ash bracelet with silver ash reservoir**. Not only does this bracelet have an aesthetically pleasing design, but the freshwater pearls also symbolize emotional balance, peace and tranquility. Another popular option is the modern **ash bracelet silver with heart**, with a subtle compartment for storing ashes.

Quality and Craftsmanship

At Armbanden.nl we guarantee the highest quality. All our bracelets are crafted by experienced goldsmiths and made of sustainable materials such as stainless steel/stainless steel, leather, gold or silver. The choice of high-quality materials is essential, as an ash bracelet is a timeless piece of jewelry that should preserve long-lasting memories.

Self Fill and Lock

The design of our bracelets makes it easy to place a small, symbolic amount of your loved one's ashes yourself. Each piece of jewelry has a space that is easy to fill and glue yourself. For extra security, we recommend that you always glue the jewelry, which can also be done by your jeweler.


To make the ash bracelet even more personal, we offer the option of engraving. For example, add the name and date of your loved one, or choose a specific text that is meaningful to you. Please feel free to contact us during the ordering process if you have any questions about the personalization options.

Why Choose Armbanden.nl?

When buying an ash bracelet at Armbanden.nl you choose quality and service. Not only are our bracelets top quality, but we also offer full warranty and service after your purchase. If something is unexpectedly wrong, we are ready to support you.

Security and Guarantee

We understand the importance of certainty when purchasing such a personal piece of jewelry. That is why we guarantee the quality of all our bracelets. If you do encounter any problems, we offer a full warranty and guarantee excellent service.


An ash bracelet from Armbanden.nl offers a unique way to keep the memory of your loved one alive. With high-quality materials, craftsmanship and personalization options, we ensure that every piece of jewelry represents a lasting and personal connection.
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